New Home Construction

Example One

“My wife and I recently built a house with Jimmy. Before that, I had built another house with Jimmy. Both experiences were first class and the finished product was exactly what we wanted. Jimmy is creative, easy to work with, forthright and honest. In a world of missed deadlines and cost overruns, Walden Construction was in both cases, on time and on budget. If we ever build another house where Jimmy operates, he’ll be the builder.”

Example Two

“We had spent years looking for the perfect house in Middlesex County and could not find one. We had looked at hundreds of house plans and knew what we wanted. However, the last thing we wanted was to go through the stress of building a new house long distance. Life changes made us realize the only way to get exactly what we wanted was to have a new house built. We had previously constructed a house ourselves so had some experience in the construction of a new house and had ideas of our own. We needed a professional contractor who would be willing to work not just for us but with us.

We met with Jimmy Walden and immediately found him to be a good listener, highly professional with good ideas and reliable. Most importantly Jimmy and his staff wanted to give us the quality finished product we were looking for. Every craftsman we met took pride in their work. It was not just a job to them.

We had a true partnership in making our dream home come true. Even though we were four hours away Jimmy and/or his office was in constant contact with us. Because of our work schedules we would visit the site on weekends to see the progress and we were never disappointed. Jimmy was always willing to make time to discuss any concerns, changes or new ideas. There was never an issue that became a problem. Working with Jimmy, his staff and subcontractors was one of the most pleasant experiences anyone could ask for when building a new house.

We now not only have a beautiful new home. We have new friends as well that started with Walden’s Construction.”

Example Three

“We chose Walden's Construction for our contractor because of the professionalism and quality of work they are known for. We were not disappointed. Intricate details make our home unique. They were very easy to work with and made suggestions to improve the appearance and efficiency of our home. Since I work during the day, many decisions had to be made at night and on weekends. Jimmy Walden was always available at any time to review plans and answer questions. Our completed date was actually earlier than planned. Once we moved in, they were never more than a phone call away to answer our questions and concerns. We thank Walden's Construction for the quality workmanship that makes our home the beautiful place that we enjoy coming home to every day.”

Example Four

“In late 2006 we submitted plans for our retirement home to five contractors in the Deltaville area. A few years prior, Waldens Construction had built a home in the area for a family member. The quality and workmanship was quite impressive, so we included this company among the five selected bidders.

In March of 2007 we made a trip from our home in Houston, Texas to Deltaville to meet with our bidders and review their bids. In addition to Walden's bid being substantially lower, Jimmy Walden was the only one of the five bidders who gave us a firm price and finish date. We visited a Walden home that was nearing completion as well as nearly-completed homes being built by two of the other bidders. The difference was immediately evident. Fit, finish, details, etc. in the Walden home were noticeably better. Based on the above, we awarded the contract to Waldens.

Construction commenced in October of 2007 for a projected finish in May of 2008. During the entire construction phase we made only 2-3 trips from Texas to Virginia. Everything else was handled by phone and/or FAX. The unique design of the house as well as its location on a hillside presented no problems during construction that were not handled in a strictly professional and expedient manner. Considering the fact that virtually all communications and business amongst Waldens, our architect (in Richmond), and us (1400 miles away) were handle remotely, things could not have gone more smoothly.

We moved into the house on June 3, 2008. Since that time (4 1/2 years) we have had no issues of any significance whatsoever. We have, however, had numerous compliments. We could not be more pleased with our home. In conclusion, we would say that anyone considering building in this area would certainly want to include Waldens Construction as a bidder.”